How to fix Vizio Error Code 2201_1

How to fix Vizio Error Code 2201_1

You may see Smartcast Vizio Error Code 2201_1. However, you may fix the error code and resume streaming on your TV by following the simple steps in this article.

Error code 2201 1 is one of the faults in the commonly used Vizio TV, which also has bugs like Samsung, LG, and other TVs.

However, this TV is readily available from numerous well-known internet retailers. In addition, the organization is regularly making changes to the features, which is a very good sign that a user will be able to access more functions and have more entertainment.

Reason for this error

This error notice may occur for several reasons, such as technical difficulties with your Smart TV that prevent content from being mirrored or a network configuration issue. Software bugs can also bring on such errors.

Regardless of the cause of the error message, there are a few different ways to fix it and restore Vizio SmartCast TV functionality.

5 Solutions For The VIZIO Error 2011_1

Here are some fixes you might want to give a shot:

1. Check the Internet Connection

By moving your router or perhaps disabling it entirely and connecting the modem directly to the Vizio SmartCast TV, you can improve the performance of your network.

To ensure the internet is operating at a sufficient speed, it is a good idea to do a speed test first.

2. Try a Different Network

Connect the Vizio SmartCast TV to a different network if the problem persists. Try utilizing your mobile hotspot if you don’t have access to another network where you are because we’re only checking to see if your ISP is causing the issue. You can determine the problem with the web by connecting to another one.

3. Power Cycling

Power cycling is turning off your network devices and your SmartCast TV to clear up any temporary settings that might cause the “Vizio SmartCast TV Not Working or Not Available” problem.

How to do a power cycle is as follows:

  • Unplug the modem, router, and TV after turning them all off.
  • Wait at least one minute.
  • Connect the modem now, and then wait for a full connection (do the same with the router).
  • Connect the Vizio SmartCast television.
  • Turn on the TV to determine if the issue persists.

4. A DHCP Setting Change

The next step is modifying your network’s DHCP settings if the other fixes have failed. Every device will now have a new IP address, preventing the issue from happening again.

Here’s how to modify Vizio’s DHCP settings:

  • Turn off your Vizio SmartCast television.
  • On your PC, launch a browser and enter the router’s URL.
  • Enter your username and password to log in now.
  • Look under “Settings” for the DHCP setting.
  • Either “Network Settings” or “Advanced Settings” will contain it.
  • If it’s enabled, turn it back on if it’s deactivated, and vice versa.
  • Close the settings page by clicking Save.
  • Check to see if the issue continues when you turn on the TV.

5. Complete a Factory Reset

A factory reset for your Vizio SmartCast TV is an option, but it should only be used as a last resort because doing so means deleting all the apps, settings, and content. If none of the previous suggestions work, try the ones above, and only then try this one.

How to factory reset a Vizio SmartCast TV is as follows:

  • Press “Menu” and “System” on the TV’s menu.
  • Activate “Reset & Admin.”
  • “Reset TV to Factory Settings” should be clicked.
  • If you’re using the buttons on your TV, press the Volume Down + Input buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds or until a bar appears on the screen.
  • Repeat pressing Input for five seconds or until the TV turns off.
  • Restart the TV now, and then adhere to the reset directions shown on the screen.


We hope you’ve found the right solution to the Vizio TV Smartcast error code 2201_1. Thank you for reading this article.

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